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A concentrate of energy and flavor

After Naya dry biscuits and biscuits filled with cream, for the pleasure and health of its consumers, NAYA FOODS launches a new product, the whole milk and instant powder Naya Super Milk. Rich in calcium, protein, vitamins, and magnesium, Naya Super Milk strengthens your family and keeps you healthy with its nutrients.

Naya Super Milk whole milk is available in 4 flavors: Whole Milk and strawberry are recommended for all the family and are currently available in two packs 18g and 365g. It is available in various outlets (small, medium, and large areas) at exceptional prices of 100 FCFA and 1600 FCFA respectively.

Naya Super Milk is a milk that is designed for the family. In addition to being economical, it contains all the nutritional qualities of liquid milk, it is a concentrate of energy and flavors.

In addition to being enriched with vitamins A, B, and D, Naya Super Milk whole milk powder is a natural source of 10 nutrients namely: calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, potassium, protein, and mineral fat.

Naya super milk

Presentation of Naya Super Milk

Nutritional value Naya milk Super Milk

Nutritional values and Composition for 100g

Calcium950 mg
0,2 mg
Zinc2,7 mg
Magnesium72 mg
Phosphorus720 mg
Copper0,02 mg
Potassium1120 mg
protein25% min
butterfat28% min
Lactose37,0% min